Thursday, August 11, 2022

the light lab: fascinating podcasts about Jewish prayer

Fascinating discussions about Jewish liturgy (the written text) and prayer (the "text" of the heart) take place every other Thursday on Jewish educator/singer/songwriter Eliana Light's light lab podcast.  You can listen on Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Most of the episodes are discussions among the co-hosts, but some are interviews.  My favorite interviews thus far are today's Episode 28: Excavating the Secrets (with Rabbi Deborah Sacks Mintz), Episode 18: Siddur as Work of Art (with Rabbi Elie Kaunfer), and Episode 10: Why Worship? (with Cantor Rosalie Will), and this episode advocating the inclusion of worshipers with chronic health problems and/or disabilities: Episode 24: Chronic Congregation (with Rabbi Emily Aronson).  Each episode comes with a full transcript (handy for those with hearing problems) and separate show notes (highlights, with definitions, explanations, texts, and links.)

If you're interested in tefillah (Jewish liturgy and prayer), these podcasts are well worth an hour or so of your time every other week.


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